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Are you looking for a deeper transformation in your life?

We're offering individual (1 on 1) and group sessions as a team of coaching and healing professionals with shared values on what the healing and growing process looks like.

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Edyta Sperling

We believe quality of life

is about standards,

not goals

Every time we set a goal, we are doing it from our current level of development and awareness. However, when we grow, who we are changes and previously set goals are often not relevant anymore. This is why we guide you with focus on standards of your emotional mindset.

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How we work

We see our reality as a reflection of the choices of our soul. This is why our core standard of modality is The Highest Law, technique for rebalancing karma and soul coaching.

Additional modalities supporting our work:

Metaphysical Anatomy™ (Rapid Growth), systemic constellations, psychology, art therapy, regression hypnosis, family constellations, reiki, ho'oponopono, astrology, Access Bars®, Akashic records







David skilfully guided me through a healing session, with patience witnessed my pain, surrounded me with a cocoon of safety and understanding and helped me look at and see the darkest corners of my Being. 
I was able to break through a pain point I didn't even allow myself to aknowledge I had. 
David doesn't rush through the process, he is fully present, and he always returns your energy to you. He truly facilitates healing from a place of understanding that you have all you need to heal yourself. 
I felt stronger, whole, accepting of my past, peaceful with my present, and ready for the future after my MAT session with David. 
I highly recommend services offered by him to anyone who feels ready for a change!

Monika Dulian, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach



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