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Spiritual Coaching Agency

Every Change Starts with a Decision

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Our team

Are you looking for a deeper transformation in your life?

We're offering individual (1 on 1) and group sessions as a team of coaching and healing professionals with shared values on what the healing and growing process looks like.

We work ONLINE, connecting with you from wherever you need.


Diana H. Chero


David Weidemann


Eva Zetkova


Monika Dulian

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Monika Chumbley

We believe quality of life

is about standards,

not goals

Every time we set a goal, we are doing it from our current level of development and awareness. However, when we grow, who we are changes and previously set goals are often not relevant anymore. This is why we guide you with focus on standards of your emotional mindset.

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How we work

We see our reality as a reflection of the choices of our soul. This is why our core standard of modality is The Highest Law, technique for rebalancing karma and soul coaching.

Additional modalities supporting our work:

Metaphysical Anatomy™ (Rapid Growth), systemic constellations, psychology, family constellations, reiki, ho'oponopono, astrology, Access Bars®, Akashic records, ACT, Functional Medicine Health Coaching, HeartMath

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What a session. I felt amazingly supported and guided. The insight of the session was so powerful. Diana is so peaceful, so calm, and resonates with such beautiful energy that made me feel at peace and safe as well. The Womb Healing session was powerful, I would suggest anybody get at least one at some point because it will change a lot in your healing journey :-)Thank you!



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