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David Weidemann

Available in English and Polish

David is an international life coach, healer, and instructor of his original therapeutic technique, The Highest Law. He has worked with hundreds of clients and trained nearly 200 healers, coaches and alternative therapists.

David has been seeking to understand effective methods of personal transformation for nearly 20 years. Coming from a long line of Peruvian shamanic healers, he has worked with a variety of tools, modalities and approaches, including reiki, radical forgiveness, hara, karma diagnosis, NLP, psychosomatics and trauma release modalities.

In his work as a healer, David continues to explore why we encounter certain life issues in the first place and how to make working with these issues accessible to everyone. The "Highest Law" technique came to him as a solution to help "understand the essence of a human" and provide universal tools for lasting change for the better. On a daily basis, in addition to honing his modality, David conducts trainings, workshops, and one-on-one sessions with clients, primarily other alternative therapists. Additionally, he co-manages the Spiritual Coaching agency and the Golden Ratio Foundation, which he founded.

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