Edyta Sperling

Available in English and Polish

Rates: 100€ per session

Edyta is a Metaphysical Anatomy™ Level 2 Practitioner, a specialist in working with addictions, physical pain and prenatal trauma. She is a student of Psychology at the University of Wroclaw, specializing in Clinical Psychology. In her daily work she uses information about the functioning of the human psyche with the tools of Metaphysical Anatomy.

Edyta is fascinated by the functioning of the human body, her interests are based on neurobiology, neuropsychology and clinical psychology. She is a student of 3rd Edition of CranioSacral Therapy in European Therapy Center. Edyta is the author of the "How It Works" series of articles on psychosomatics, psychology, and neuroscience.

Since 2021 she runs the BodySoul Studio.