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Eva Zetkova

Available in English, Polish and Czech

Rates: 100€ per session

"Our work together will be based on The Highest Law Technique. We will be looking into your “shadow” - the so called negative parts of yourself, that are manifesting the things that you don’t want in life. I will support you in your process of reuniting with your authorship, so that you can reclaim the role of the creator and create from love, rather than negative emotions.

I will be by your side as your Guide, showing you the way and supporting you in seeing the Truth, so that you can own your decisions and show love and compassion to each and every part of yourself.

I look forwards to helping you transform your life!"

ENG: Eva Zetkova: About
ENG: Eva Zetkova: Testimonials

I experienced deep but effortless healing with Eva Zetkova. Eva facilitated a trauma release session for me, allowing me to fully experience the sensation of deep emotional release in a safe way. Eva is gentle, present, and very skilled. She noticed coping mechanisms I was unconsciously using that even I wasn’t able to notice. She allowed space for all parts of myself to feel safe during the session. There was no pressure, no need to fix, no judgment during the session.
I felt light and peaceful after the session, and that sensation continued to expand days after.
I came to Eva to resolve this internal conflict I had of having to always do, always perform, and produce, be productive. I felt restless and unsafe being still and resting. The very next day after our session I felt at peace, I felt light and able to choose if I actually want to work. I had a very restful weekend, and I didn’t feel guilty about resting and caring for myself. It was the first time in years since I felt at ease being still, being present, allowing leisure and relaxation. And that deep peaceful rest fueled my productivity! Now I no longer have to bulldoze my needs and force my way through obstacles. I feel fully worthy of rest!
I fully recommend Eva Zetkova and her healing sessions!
Thank you, Eva, for this wonderful experience!


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