Metaphysical Anatomy

Level 2

What will you learn if you continue your journey and attend the level 2 live event with Evette Rose:

During the Level 2 live 5 day event you will dive deeper into MA’s research based on what you have already learned during the Level 1 course. Evette will cover:

  • Reignite your intuition 

  • The difference between trauma and symptoms of trauma in the body combined with the advanced level 2 technique

  • The difference between trauma and emotions and how to easily understand expression of it in the body

  • Understanding the difference between healing a trauma that was caused by a traumatic event and how to effectively heal it with the Level 2 Technique

  • Secondary trauma in the body, how to recognize it and heal it 

  • The difference between completing trauma and surviving trauma and how to recognize it

  • Dissociating from trauma instead of healing it and how to recognize it

  • The benefit of a dissociative state. When it’s a benefit and when it’s unhealthy

  • The downside of dissociating or bypassing trauma

  • How to easily recognize the difference between a fear and your intuition

  • How to recognize the difference between your emotions and someone else’s and how to disconnect from it

  • Trauma cycles completing themselves and how your instinctive responses play a vital role by locking in patterns, thought patterns and memories in the unconscious mind

  • How we form negative associations with positive actions and how to detach from it

  • Soul copies and how they affect our live and how to tell the difference and heal it

  • Creative ways to use your intuition and increase it

  • Secondary gain and how to easily break through the cycle

  • How to work with the brain such as neural pathways. You will learn how to work with neural pathways and synapses to greatly improve your healing ability.

  • You will learn how to work with mirror neurons. These pathways are amazing at showing what a person’s personality is and a wonderful tool to use for practitioners!

  • Learn the vital role of the nervous system, cellular memory, limbic system, reptilian mind (instinctive responses), midbrain, and the master cell

  • How to work with ancestral predispositions and epigenetics

  • How to work with injuries and pain

  • How to recognize a memory and trauma within your body that does not belong to you

  • How to work with entities, past lives and resolve trauma expression and overlap from your DNA lineage

  • How to improve neuro-genesis and work with epigenetics

  • Work with womb trauma and how it affects you as you mature and how to heal it.

  • You will also learn how to become a practitioner even if you just want to become your own practitioner.

  • How to start your Rapid Growth Metaphysical Anatomy Practice 


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