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International Workshop: Metaphysical Anatomy Level 1

Tools for releasing your emotional and physical blocks
19.-20.10.2019 | Prague

Join us for a weekend seminar packed with information and exercises designed to help you understand the language of your body and improve the quality of your life!

"Your body is speaking, are you listening?"


Great Location

Prague is an international city easily accessible by planes, trains and buses.
Its renown for its beauty and affordable prices.

Special Price Offers

Bring 2 other participants: pay 50% of the standard price!
Bring 3 other participants: you get to attend the workshop for free!

Exclusive Benefits

It is our utmost priority to support you in improving your life and making you successful at using Metaphysical Anatomy tools. We therefore offer a number of benefits. See what we're talking about.

Have you ever wondered about why we get sick or why we experience different kinds of pain in our lives – physical, but also pain caused by not achieving what we want, feeling lonely, etc.? If you are interested in the bigger picture and tools to help you influence any of the issues that you are facing, you are at the right place. How can one technique influence so many things? Read more here.

For more perspectives on how exactly is Metaphysical Anatomy useful in different areas, read "What is Metaphysical Anatomy?", see our blog or talk to us about what interests you.

During the event, we will spend over 16 hours covering:

○ What is Metaphysical Anatomy and how does it work
○ What is trauma (physical and emotional) and how does it relate to our issues
○ Secondary trauma, meaning how witnessing a stressful event can influence us
○ Transferring other people’s trauma onto us, especially within family
○ How we disassociate from trauma instead of healing from it, how it benefits us and what is the price we’re paying for it
○ Difference between surviving trauma and healing trauma
○ Trauma cycles completing themselves and how your instinctive responses play a role
○ Emotions and instincts – how they link together and how to resolve the connections that don’t serve us
○ MAT Rapid Growth level 1 healing technique with demonstrations
○ How we form negative associations with positive actions
○ Energy work – how foreign energy or energy of other people influences our well being, how to recognize it and how to release it
○ Breathing and visualization techniques that allow you to access your body’s full healing potential
○ Tools and exercises for releasing limiting views that no longer serve you
○ Healing self sabotage
○ How mind resists healing by finding benefits in our issues and how to resolve it
○ Different ways in which your intuition speaks to you
○ Process of disconnecting from people – on energetic and karmic level
○ Parts work - how to work with inner conflict and opposing tendencies within yourself

○ Working with clients and other people


The training is lead in ENGLISH by Eva Zetkova and David Weidemann, certified MAT teachers.
Capacity is limited!

We are starting at 9:00 am on both Saturday and Sunday, finishing at around 6 pm with a pause for lunch break.

Payments and prices
Payments are accepted in both Euros and Czech koruna (conversion rate at the date of payment based on the rates of Czech National Bank)
Standard price per person: 340€
Early bird price until September 15th: 275€

Special offer:

  • bring 2 other participants: pay 50% of the standard price!

  • bring 3 other participants: you get to attend the workshop for free!

  • or make a group and share the discount

  • „bringing participants“ counts in the moment of us having received payment from the participants that you are bringing

Your spot is secured at the moment of us having received your payment.

NOTE: These courses are non-refundable. You can re-sell or transfer it to a friend!

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What else will I gain?

Video Material

Access to the Level 1 Refresher online course (over 6 hours) with Evette Rose, the founder of Metaphysical Anatomy.

Live Q & A with Evette Rose

Opportunity to get answers for any of your questions during monthly Live Q & A Webinars hosted by Evette Rose. You also get access to all previously hosted webinars! That is 21 sessions until now.

Online Support

Access to International 24/7 WhatsApp Live Support Group where you can talk to other practitioners, share experiences, arrange session swaps and also get answers from all level 1 teachers including Evette Rose.

Access to Facebook group for students of level 1 where you can interact with other students and get your questions answered by Eva and David.

Level 2 Events

Level 1 is a prerequisite for continuing onto the 5 day level 2 training with Evette Rose, where you build on your knowledge and experience from level 1 to learn even deeper ways of releasing trauma.

We will also be assisting on the next level 2 London event October 26 - 30th, 2019 so we can support you on location if you decide to continue your journey.

If you continue to level 2 from an event with us, you will additionally gain:

  • 1 free session from us 

  • Our supervision for 2 of your sessions (either swaps with other students or sessions you do on somebody else). We know that it can be hard to feel self-confident once you go back home and we would like to give you these opportunities for feedback, so you can really strive as an MAT practitioner.

If you book level 2, do get in touch with the team about having participated in this event for reduced price.

Printed Material

Handbook with content of the course, so we can focus more on practise and understanding and less on note taking.

Hands On Approach

Get to try out every technique immediately with your fellow students and with our assistance. This way, what you have learned will really become second nature and you will continue using these tools even once you go back home.

Getting Your Questions Answered Live by David and Eva

Eva and David will answer all your questions live during the level 1 workshop.

Meeting Other Students

Meet other like-minded people and become a part of an international community!

Ongoing Support for Your Growth

We know that tackling some issues can be difficult on your own, which is why we are also offering 20% discount on Coaching and MAT sessions with us (current prices available here)

Career Path Option

If you already work with supporting clients, for example as a coach, teacher or therapist of any kind, you will gain very powerful tools for resolving root causes of your clients’ issues.

If you have always dreamed about working with others, this is a good start on that journey. Maybe you will become so passionate about MAT that you will want to become an MAT teacher yourself!


Meet the teacher


If you'd like to learn more about what we'll be covering during the workshop, you can read the following books that are needed for level 2. Some books will also be available on location. Ask us about availability.

Metaphysical Anatomy

Volume I.

Metaphysical Anatomy cover ailments from A to Z, the emotional components related to those diseases as well as key points as to how to approach the condition with the intention to improve ones quality of life. Metaphysical Anatomy includes step-by-step guide for identifying the psychosomatic pattern related to medical conditions. It builds on existing work from many famous authors, making it much more practical, more specific, detailed and ultimately much more effective!

See the table of content and an excerpt.

Metaphysical Anatomy Technique

Volume II.

Metaphysical Anatomy Technique Volume 2 explains the core foundation and healing technique behind Metaphysical Anatomy Volume 1 which describes step-by-step guide for identifying the psychosomatic pattern related to 679 medical conditions. These conditions can be activated by circumstances in your present life, your ancestry, conception, womb, birth trauma, childhood or adult life.

See the table of content.


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