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Monika Dulian

Available in English and Polish

Rates: 100€ per session

Monika is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, facilitator, and guide of psychospiritual healing methods, including the Metaphysical Anatomy Technique at the master level, the HeartMath method, and the Highest Law.

Monika specializes in increasing the standards of life of people with autoimmune ailments, weight problems, and disordered eating, and supports women in harmonizing material successes with personal success, guiding them on the path of self-love and self-acceptance. 

Her work allows clients to call their power back from places, people, and situations where they gave up a part of themselves in exchange for physical and emotional survival (feelings of security, success, acceptance, support, and love).

ENG: Monika Dulian: About

It has been great working with Monika. She is a kind and gentle soul and guided me through the healing of my problems in the most compassionate way. I've been dealing with a thyroid cyst and after having my session with Monika, I've felt more at ease, sort of like being the calm eye of the storm. I've been able to hold my own space and energy better and that feels really great. I also believe the thyroid cyst is gradually decreasing. Overall I felt a great connection with Monika and I would definitely recommend her.

My chronic health issues and discomfort in my body connected to them have decreased significantly after just one healing session with Monika. I'm very grateful for that! She's professional and also very friendly and supportive. I'm continuing to work with her.



It was a pleasure and deeply healing to work with Monika. Our work together was powerful, insightful, and transformational. Monika is intuitively gifted and highly skilled at facilitating healing.  She is compassionate, engaging, and professional.  She helped me clearly identify underlying issues, process and heal them effectively, and allowed me to feel empowered and strengthened in having me be an active participant in the healing process. After just a few sessions, I had felt noticeably better with my physical symptoms, experienced a big shift in my inner dialog, and felt more kindness, honoring, and trusting of the wisdom of my body.

One session with Monika not only allowed my thyroid issues to start healing on their own, but I also found peace in communicating with my children and coworkers. I released my old pattern of raising my voice, becoming angry, and losing control when I felt unheard. I no longer become hot-headed and defensive, and I also noticed that I feel more in control during disagreements. I feel more at peace and I also noticed that my swollen neck/thyroid is shrinking. This happened very quickly after the session. I also sleep better and feel more grounded and centered.



Monika is the perfect balance of heartfelt compassion & incredible strength which is what you need in a practitioner of this work. She's able to hold space for vulnerability while being able to clearly guide you to your truth all at the same time. Her passion for her work shows in everything that she does. I'm always in awe of her knowledge & intuitive insight she has always been able to pick up what's going on in my body & my energy quickly. As for results, she has helped me move from abundance blocks into a place of knowing what I am deserving of & being able to act on that when I hadn't felt that in a while. I've also been able to feel more energized & in alignment with my pleasure after our work together. I am incredibly grateful for the sessions I've done with Monika & highly recommend her!


This review couldn’t fully express how grateful I am for Monika. After taking some time to process the healing and allowing it to unfold in my life, I am becoming a whole different person to myself. I am finding more confidence and ease within my body and my mind whenever I express myself to the outside world. I feel less self-limited and more expanded, which is something I always longed to feel. However, this was only one area that Monika helped me resolve. In each session, Monika absolutely went over and beyond and addressed a whole bunch of other challenges that were playing out in the background that were also affecting how I experienced life. She did not hesitate to facilitate healing for everything that was coming up during the session, and she was always on point with what was coming through. I am always in awe of the undeniable results that I always experience after our sessions. Thank you, Monika, for sharing your light with the rest of the world.


ENG: Monika Dulian: Testimonials
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