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What area of your life would you like to improve?

Based on our and our clients’ experience, all areas of our life are related. Each of us however has a different story and whatever you feel attracted to the most is the best place for you to transform right now. 
Where would you like to start?


  • Restore Inner Emotional Peace & Get Back Control Over Your Life

  • Leave Negative Environment, Outgrow Your Current Circumstances

  • Heal Your Name

  • ​Heal Your Femininity

  • Heal the Dude Within

  • Awaken Self Awareness & Unlock Your Potential

  • Find Your Purpose

  • Keep Progressing

My Relationships & Family

  • Heal Your Relationships with Parents and Family

  • Recover from Past Relationships or Loss of a Loved One

  • Reclaim Your Self-worth and Boundaries

  • Transform Loneliness & Attract Love into Your Life

My Physical & Mental Health

  • Find Relief from Everyday Struggle

  • Overcome Addiction

  • Improve Your Health

My Self-Improvement Skills

As certified Metaphysical Anatomy level 1 and level 2 teachers, we organize MAT training events online and in various locations. Come spend a weekend full of practical exercises with us and let the basics of Metaphysical Anatomy become your second nature. We'll show you the tools to help you recover the power over your life that you've always had, but have maybe forgotten what it feels like as a result of past events.

List of upcoming events

We work remotely via internet or phone, so you can enjoy our sessions at any place that you find yourself at the moment.

Sat on the Rocks

Life Coaching Session

90 minutes, 100€

Coaching by definition is a form of development in which a coach supports a client in achieving a specific goal by providing mental training, guidance and perspective.

There are many different views on what Spirituality means. We see it as the integrity of body (our material aspect), mind (our intellectual and emotional aspect) and soul (our higher aspect, which we see as independent of any religion). 

We use various tools, our experience and knowledge to support you on your path towards your goal, in a way that celebrates all aspects of you. Our priorities are to make you feel safe throughout your transformation and to ensure the whole process is as effective as possible.

Provided online

Metaphysical Anatomy Technique Session

90 minutes, 100€

Tools of MAT:

Energy Healing

DNA Stress Healing

Conception Healing

Womb Stage Healing

Ancestral Healing

Parts Integration (For resolving internal conflicts)

Disconnection Process (Resolving an energy connection with another person that no longer serves you, including ending a karmic contract)

Fear of Change

Fear of Success


Learn more about the technique here.

Provided online


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