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Is MAT level 1 event for me? What can it give me?

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

I would like you to take a deep breath with me and slowly go through what happened in your day so far. Were there any moments when you felt sad, lonely or discouraged? Has something made you angry? Is there something you are dreading, either still awaiting you or already in the past? Were you in pain, physical or emotional?

We as humans, especially as modern humans, face a multitude of emotions. Emotions developed as a part of our survival strategy, an easy way for our body to recognize a situation similar to what happened in the past and quickly respond in the same way that helped us back then. These reactions and stress connected to them were helping us with surviving, hunting, famine, wars and living in tribes in which being excluded led to certain death. These times are long over, yet our bodies and minds still experience this stress on daily basis. We could be in the most thriving environment, yet our bodies would still be programmed to look for these old kinds of threats and present them to us in the form of emotions.

Long term emotional stress can be exhausting. It also translates into our physical health in the form of different ailments. All of this is ultimately our body trying to speak to us in its language. Metaphysical Anatomy is all about interpreting that language, listening to the body and learning how to release this stress. It's a way of gently showing the body that the past is in the past and it no longer has to influence our presence and future. It's a way of being free of old emotional burdens so we can thrive as who we truly are.

If you feel certain emotional or physical stress in your life and you'd like to bring more lightness to it, Metaphysical Anatomy level 1 training can give you a great set of tools to do that. We learn what leads to storing stress, how the body stores it and how to combine different tools into a full MAT session which tackles different aspects to bring about a release as complete and gentle as possible. The whole process is designed with utmost care for the person that is receiving the session (which is you, if you’re working on yourself), without any need to re-experience whatever situation that caused this stress to begin with, or even knowing where the stress comes from in the first place.

Level 1 is a tool that anyone can learn and use, experienced or inexperienced in self-work. I like to think of it as a first-aid kit for emotional well-being that you can reach for whenever you feel something's amiss, a way for yourself to have your own back no matter what happens.

Wonderful things can happen when we're not weighed down by painful emotions. It frees us to react in different ways than we did in the past and to see solutions where our emotions were presenting problems before. It enables us to focus on the present moment, on solutions rather than issues, and on our own power to influence our life. When we release emotions, we can open up space to experience a beautiful ripple effect in different areas of our life, feeling a change in our thoughts, our behavior, our well-being.

We each have a different journey, on which we always do what we feel is best for us. If you feel that you could use some more support on the road to help you go wherever you want to, or if you’d like to feel that you deserve more than where you are currently headed, I invite you to come join one of the MAT teachers for a level 1 event and see where it takes you. We’d all feel honored to introduce MAT to you.

The goal of the level 1 event is for you to learn how to perform a full MAT level 1 session on yourself and others for both physical and emotional issues. This is the full list of topics that are covered:

  • What is Metaphysical Anatomy and how does it work

  • What is trauma (physical and emotional) and how does it relate to our issues

  • Secondary trauma, meaning how witnessing a stressful event can influence us

  • Transferring other people’s trauma onto us, especially within family

  • How we disassociate from trauma instead of healing from it, how it benefits us and what is the price we’re paying for it

  • Difference between surviving trauma and healing trauma

  • Trauma cycles completing themselves and how our instinctive responses play a role

  • Emotions and instincts – how they link together and how to resolve the connections that don’t serve us

  • MAT level 1 healing technique with demonstrations, releasing stress from the body

  • How we form negative associations with positive actions

  • Energy work – how foreign energy or energy of other people influences our well being, how to recognize it and how to release it

  • Breathing and visualization techniques that allow us to access our full healing potential

  • Tools and exercises for releasing limiting views that no longer serve us

  • Healing self sabotage

  • How mind resists healing by finding benefits in our issues and how to resolve it

  • Different ways in which our intuition speaks to us

  • Process of disconnecting from people – on energetic and karmic level

  • Parts work – how to work with inner conflict and opposing tendencies within ourselves

  • Working with clients and other people

Whichever way you choose to go, much love to you on your journey.

Much love, Eva

Eva Zeťková is a level 3 MAT practitioner and certified Metaphysical Anatomy Level 1 Teacher, teaching since 2019. She uses MAT daily to work on herself and with her clients and students.

MAT level 1 events with Eva and David:

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