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Review of MAT Level 3 event with Evette Rose by Eva Zetkova

I'd like to share with you all my experience from this amazing, long anticipated event that many of you are curious about. When I first learned about level 3, I was also asking myself whether to go or not, not sure what to expect. In the end me and David have been very lucky to make it this year. It's now been a few weeks since we came back home and I am pleased to tell you that level 3 is absolutely worth it - and so much that I was in fact persuaded after the second day of the event.

The location of the event is absolutely stunning. Bali itself is an extremely abundant place and we have all been staying and working at The Mansion, beautiful hotel in the heart of the historical Ubud. The place perfectly complements the purpose of the training - it's all about expanding, seeing past your own limitations and getting it touch with your full potential. Especially if you're not used to treating yourself, staying in a gorgeous place pushes you in the sense of what you can receive from life in very practical terms. Bali also has soothing healing energy and combined with the previous factors, I now absolutely understand why is the event taking place there and not somewhere else. On top of that, we have been going out for short excursions, for example for the famous Balinese waterfall cleansing or to receive some truly amazing sound healing, making the most out of our location.

The event itself combines aspects of both retreat and training. On the retreat side, you receive healings - from Evette Rose herself, sound healing specialists and other people. On the learning side, you learn new tools for the level 3 technique that - at least for me personally - really take the healing to the next level. I have been using level 2 technique quite intensely and I started feeling that there are some places that could use a bit more attention. It turned out these were exactly the places that are addressed by level 3.

One of the main themes of the event was exploring our purpose(s) in this world and what is blocking us from being an expression of it. The topic is approached from different perspectives throughout the training using different tools, such as connecting to the subconscious mind about memories that we might store about these things but not remember, great coaching tools and also the healings. I have understood this time what Evette means when she says "When there is a need, there is a purpose waiting to be fulfilled" and this understanding greatly helps me every time I have doubts about my journey forward. When you are on the self-healing path, you might not learn anything drastically new about what your purpose is or should be, but you might be surprised by the clarity and confidence that you can gain about it. That is not to say that there were no revelations - there have been many for me, in terms of more specific ways of how to express the purpose that I had been just vaguely aware of before. I have also seen how much has the purpose been showing up in my life all along, I just didn't understand the significance at the time.

My favorite part has been the time that we have spent on healing conception, that also constitutes a part of the level 3 technique toolkit. The energies and stresses that were held in these moments and stages were making the fabric of my reality to the extent that I was completely unaware of them, but once they started shifting, it was hard to unsee how much they had been influencing my life. Regular MAT sessions are amazing, but you can only heal what you feel is a problem. Healings on level 3 have really shown me all the places where I hadn't been looking and gently pushed my understanding of where I was limiting myself. I believe absolutely everyone interested in expanding would benefit from participating just in this healing alone.

Evette in action

Coming back home was a little bit of a shock for me, because my old habits and environments were designed for the old me (and the weather is significantly less summery here!). Since then I have been paying attention to those areas of my life where new spaces is needed for these beautiful changes and I have also been doing sessions on all the places for improvement that the event has unlocked for me - having a shift in the perspective on the world means that I feel compelled to address issues that I haven't seen as limitations before. When you get a glimpse of your full potential, which is what the event has 100% delivered for me, you also feel inspired to let go of anything that might be blocking you from that.

All in all, I feel so much more aware of my truth, my body and my greatness - and so much more capable as a healer. I got new tools and my healing capacity has increased as well. We can only take people as far as we have made it ourselves, so every step we take to be healthier makes us better healers, too. I'm deeply thankful to Evette Rose for this opportunity and would recommend level 3 to everyone who's thinking of going.

Much love, Eva

If this is the first time you're hearing about Metaphysical Anatomy or level 3, see Metaphysical Anatomy page for more details. This review is based on my honest opinion and I don't receive any profit from people signing up for level 3 trainings.

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