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David skilfully guided me through a healing session, with patience witnessed my pain, surrounded me with a cocoon of safety and understanding and helped me look at and see the darkest corners of my Being. 
I was able to break through a pain point I didn't even allow myself to aknowledge I had. 
David doesn't rush through the process, he is fully present, and he always returns your energy to you. He truly facilitates healing from a place of understanding that you have all you need to heal yourself. 
I felt stronger, whole, accepting of my past, peaceful with my present, and ready for the future after my MAT session with David. 
I highly recommend services offered by him to anyone who feels ready for a change!


Monika Dulian, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach


There are not many healer colleagues who I trust like David when I am in need of a session myself. Working with him is really powerful! He is very intuitive, knowledgeable and has a huge variety of modalities and tools to work with which he will combine and apply to your greatest benefit in each moment. David guides you through the session in such a gentle and compassionate way that you always feel safe with him. And the transformations I experienced were profound! Thank you for your great support!

Dr. Jana Becher.  Coach, healer, and teacher


David is so kind and present during his sessions that it makes you feel completely safe and cared for. He is one of the most thorough practitioners I know. His voice will guide you to a healing journey that will help you open up to brand new possibilities. I highly recommend working with David!

Gaby Herce, Life Coach


Polecam pracę z uwalnianiem emocji i programów rodowych z David Weidemann.

Dorota Puzio, Self-development Teach and Influencer, Healer


Eva is a very, very special energy therapist, who gently, but masterfully supports you in clearing those obstacles, which are preventing you from following the optimum path of your soul.
If you have been guided to this website, I heartily recommend that you give her a call. You won't be disappointed.

E. F., Therapist

United Kingdom

I can honestly say that I am deeply grateful for this powerful, honest and deeply healing connection! David is not only a powerful healer but also an AWESOME Coach! He has a lot of knowledge that he generously shares, so even if it was only for this aspect, I could call myself extremely lucky, because I benefit so much from it. But the more important thing is, that David is able to pick from all the knowledge, all the gained wisdom and all the tools, techniques and methods he has access to, in such a highly intuitive manner, that he always has the right thing at hand. He has just a very good sense for what is required in a specific situation. And he is able to guide you through the labyrinth in a gentle, compassionate, intuitive and yet very explicit and structured way. I love working with him and highly recommend that you do too!

Hannah Benu, Trauma Release Practitioner


Doing a healing session with Eva was a pleasant experience. She was amazingly nice, patient and helpful in all the steps. Her calm voice and her harmonious personality made me feel safe the whole time she gently led me through the process. She obviously has a great intuition. I can only recommend working with her!

Marcela Volfová, Retail Distributor

The Czech Republic

Człowiek, który zaprowadził porządek i harmonię w moim umyśle i ciele.
Z całego serca polecam Spiritual Coaching wszystkim, którzy jeszcze nie odważyli się dokonać zmiany w sobie.

Kasia Baranowska, Swimming European Champion, Olympic Finalist, Life Coach


I have had M.A.T sessions with Eva. Eva creates and holds a powerful safe space for healing. Digging deep and sharing felt natural with Eva. I felt very comfortable straight away talking to her. I felt so much lighter and calmer after working with Eva.
You are a bright star Eva.
I am so grateful to have found you!

Rose McN., Therapeutist and Healer


Ich bin in den Genuss einiger Coachings mit David gekommen und ich bin hierfür überaußerordentlich dankbar. Wer sich mit der Materie auskennt wird schnell bemerken, was den Unterschied seines Coachings zu anderen macht. Seine Herangehensweise ist sehr ganzheitlich, es wird sowohl amamnesisch, körperorientiert, meditativ-spirituell und vor allem handlungs- und ressourcenorientiert gearbeitet.
Mithilfe von David - er scheint in besonderer Weise die Gabe zu besitzen, sich in Windeseile und in jedem Moment in die Gefühlswelt seiner Mitmenschen einzufühlen - habe ich es in kürzester Zeit geschafft, mich auf meine Stärken zu besinnen, meine Schwächen und Gefühle jeglicher Art akzeptieren und lieben zu lernen und wieder aktiv das Schicksal meines Lebens in die Hand zu nehmen.
Seine Coachings sind geprägt von bedingungsloser Liebe und wertschätzendem Umgang miteinander auf Augenhöhe. Ich kann wirklich jedem Menschen empfehlen, einmal ein Probe-Coaching mit ihm auszuprobieren und sich selbst zu überzeugen. Ich wünsche Euch allen viel Kraft, Gelassenheit und Zuversicht auf Eurem Weg!

Robert Wetzorke, Teacher


David Weidemann war für mich wie ein Katalysator, der mich inspiriert hat über meine limitierten Gedankenhamsterräder und Gefühlsblockaden hinaus zu wachsen. Ich habe einen tiefgreifenden, persönlichen, offenen, anregenden und ehrlichen Austausch mit ihm erlebt über die Themen persönliche Weiterentwicklung, Achtsamkeit, Meditation, die Akzeptanz aller Gefühle, die Abhängigkeit zur eigenen Kindheitsprägung und den Einfluss des Mindsets auf das körperliche Wohlbefinden etc., der zu einem absolut positiv ausgerichteten Wandel und einer Leichtigkeit in der Begegnung meiner eigenen Schwachpunkte, Ängste und Blockaden geführt hat. David besitzt ein unbändiges Wissen, eine Weisheit und eine Menschenliebe, die einem nur das Herz öffnen kann - ein Body-Mind-Emotion-Spirit-Energyflow-Happiness Coach

Marleen L.