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What is Metaphysical Anatomy Technique (MAT)?

Metaphysical Anatomy by Evette Rose is a self development technique based on releasing trauma. It sees our pain as a sign of trauma that is still active in the body. The body is trying to heal and uses pain to show us that something needs to be improved. Metaphysical Anatomy offers a set of tools that allow the body to release trauma in a gentle and effective manner – and along with it the pain that the trauma led to.

What is trauma and how does it concern me?

Trauma occurs when a person feels unsafe. Examples can include physical assault, an accident, injury, but also insufficient amount of attention in childhood, long term stress or other events, which the body perceives as a threat to a person’s survival. The science of epigenetics demonstrates that trauma creates biological change, which can last for many generations. These changes influence how likely we are to suffer from certain physical and emotional stresses. Witnessing harm to someone else (including seeing photos or videos) can also constitute trauma. That means that the trauma people experience, even just witnessing it, can create physical and emotional changes to their future grandchildren and great grandchildren.

When body experiences a threat to its survival, it tries to protect itself by activating a series of survival instincts, such as fight, flight, freeze etc. These feelings then become linked to the emotional stress that was felt in the traumatic situation, such as loneliness, hopelessness or powerlessness.

Because we have been suppressing our emotions and physical reactions, we have almost completely lost our ability to release trauma naturally. That means that the body doesn’t realize the danger is over and the instincts and emotional stress continue to be active in the body, where they overtax certain areas. The same combination of instincts and emotions is active in the same areas for different people, regardless of their age, gender or culture. The physical condition therefore allows us to estimate what kind of trauma caused it. Evette’s book Metaphysical Anatomy, Volume I., covers 679 medical conditions on 722 pages and lists emotional components related to those diseases as well as key points as to how to approach the condition with the intention to improve ones quality of life. This book is ideal for everybody who seeks understanding and improvement of their situation, or support somebody else from the position of a therapist, for example. You can view the Table of Content here, read an excerpt here and get you own copy of the book here.

Why does Metaphysical Anatomy (MAT) work? What makes it different?

Metaphysical Anatomy is a gentle and effective process that resolves stagnant trauma and emotional blocks quickly and easily, be it from adulthood / childhood / womb / conception or inherited from ancestors. All this happens without requiring the client to relive or remember the trauma. Metaphysical Anatomy uses emotions that got linked to the root trauma to access the core, „turns off“ the active survival instincts and dissolves the connection that was created between these instincts, emotions and our positive needs. Our bodies store trauma physically: in the brain, muscles and other tissue, but trauma is also stored in our energy fields. MAT addresses all of them during any given session.

Another thing that makes MAT different is its focus on the resistance that the body has towards healing. From the MAT point of view, the body is always doing its best to help us, even if it might seem that resisting healing is contradicting that. When we have issues letting some pain go, it is because our subconsciousness started seeing some benefits in the situation. The body can’t imagine that it would fulfill its needs without the pain, so it blocks the whole healing process.

That is also why MAT uses coaching techniques to support you in realizing that these hidden benefits exist. It then uses this awareness for helping the body acknowledge that by letting go of these benefits, you are free to have your needs fulfilled in a healthy and positive way, not at your own cost.

MAT works with gentle and calm emotional states that are natural for us. It is not about the practitioner reprogramming something in the brain, rather it frees up the obstacle and lets the body go its own way. When the trauma is released, old neural pathways that were fed by the trauma are used less and less, and neurons reprogram themselves with new positive thoughts and emotions that were once suppressed by old trauma. MAT doesn’t try to change thoughts and beliefs, because there are simply too many of them. It just resolves their root and consequently the change comes by itself.

I don’t usually feel any emotions, will Metaphysical Anatomy work for me?

The body often instinctively suppresses emotions as a way to disassociate from the traumatic event, because it doesn’t see any other option of dealing with it. MAT is therefore ready for this situation and has tools to work with numbing and disassociating. The effectivity of the whole method is of course individual.

How can Metaphysical Anatomy help me?

Metaphysical Anatomy can help you address any physical and emotional block or pain, and support you in healing. That can be for example improving your self esteem, relationship with you partner or your parents, support in healing from an addiction (be it physical or psychological – for example playing computer games, gambling, …), phobias, rediscovering joy in life, addressing emotional root causes of accidents and illnesses.

Metaphysical Anatomy is not a replacement for any professional medical or psychotherapeutic advice or treatment.

How many sessions do I need to feel results? What about physical problems?

That of course depends on the nature of the issue. You will feel a shift in the emotional state after just one session. The emotional complexity of a physical condition however often bears no resemblance to how serious it is from a medical perspective. 

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